Snaefell Car 5
  • Number: 5
  • Builder: G.F. Milnes
  • Built: 1895
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo

Snaefell Car 5 is an electric rail car/tram at the Snaefell Mountain Railway on the Isle of Man.


No. 5 was delivered to the Snaefell Mountain Railway in spring 1895.

It was rebuilt with a new body on its original underframe and trucks in 1971 after a fire had destroyed its original bodywork.

The rail car/tram engine was later seen in Hashire! The "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" Steam Locomotive is Alive!, where host Gaku Hamada is riding while learning about how the railway works.


No. 5 is painted in the Snaefell Mountain Railway red/white/teak livery.

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