Slip and Slide is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is wintertime and a thick blanket of snow covers the Island of Sodor. The Thin Controller asks Madge to collect Duncan as a snowslide is blocking his tracks. Madge is happy to help and soon has Duncan winched onto her trailer. She drives slowly and carefully. Duncan thinks it is a very dull journey. Madge, trying to impress Duncan, speeds up and is soon sliding through the snow.

Then, Madge hits a patch of ice and loses control. Madge gasps as they skid to a halt at the edge of a steep cliff. Madge takes a deep breath and slowly reverses. Carefully, they inch back onto the road.

Madge drives slowly back to the sheds on the frosty roads. Duncan teases Madge once again, but this time Madge does not rise to it. Soon, they are both back at the sheds safe and sound. They did not skid once.