“I've told Thomas and I'll tell you, nothing can stop my mighty roller!”
―George to Terence[src]

Slip and Grip! is a magazine story.


One day, Thomas is shunting trucks on his branch line when he spots Terence ploughing in a rather wet field. Thomas is so busy watching Terence that he runs into some buffers. This causes his fireman to drop his shovel, which slips down the embankment next to the tracks and onto the road. Before he has chance to pick it up, George the grumpy steamroller rumbles over it - making it as flat as a pancake! Later, George has to wait as a broken water main has flooded the road. George is too impatient and decides to take a shortcut through Terence's field. Unfortunately, George cannot grip the mud like Terence can and he slips and slides across the field and hits a tree trunk in the corner that not even his roller can squash. Soon, Terence tows George out of the field and to Thomas, who is waiting to transport George to his roadworks. Both Thomas and Terence boast about their usefulness and, for once, George decides to keep quiet!



  • In the final illustration, Thomas is missing his cab windows.