“We went almost as fast as you, without a snowplough too!”
―Stephen Hatt to Thomas[src]

Skating Show! is a magazine story.


Thomas uses his snowplough to help him steam through the snow until he reaches Elsbridge Station. Among his passengers are Lady Hatt with Stephen and Bridget. They are visiting a new indoor ice-skating rink. Carrying their skates, Bridget and Stephen wave goodbye to Thomas who puffs on his way.

Later, Thomas returns to pick up the children and Lady Hatt from the skating rink. Stephen and Bridget tell the little tank engine about how much fun they had skating. Thomas wishes he could have seen them. By now, the snow has stopped falling, but it is still very cold.

When Thomas returns to the Main Station with his passengers, he sees the Fat Controller looking worried. He explains that the water-tower has leaked and now there is ice all over the ground. The engines have finished work for the day, so Stephen and Bridget have an idea. Their grandfather agrees to it and the children put on their ice-skates. Then, they perform a special show for Thomas on the ice.