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Narrow Gauge Breakdown Train (secondary)
The Narrow Gauge Breakdown Train is composed of one crane and conflat. It is often hauled by Rusty and used to mend the line and put engines back on the rails. The crane was also seen on the Mid Sodor Railway in the television series. Unlike the North Western Railway's breakdown train, the Narrow Gauge breakdown train does not have a works unit coach for the workmen. However, it is occasionally equipped with a brake van.

It appeared in the fourth, fifthsixthseventh and eleventh seasons. In the Railway Series, the breakdown crane was only mentioned in the book, Duke the Lost Engine.

A secondary type of Breakdown Train mounted on an open-wagon truck and accompanied with a brown brake van appeared in the fourth season episodes, A Bad Day for Sir Handel, Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and Rock 'n' Roll.


The primary Narrow Gauge Breakdown Train is based on a French Magnard six ton crane.


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