“Hello, old friend!”
―Skarloey to the windmill

Skarloey's Old Friend is a magazine story puzzle.


Skarloey loves the windmill on his branch line. It is old and is not used, but Skarloey loves it all the same. Skarloey even refers to it as his "old friend".

One day, there is a terrible storm and Skarloey puffs hard along his branch line to get back safely to his shed. Skarloey hopes the windmill will be okay.

When Skarloey passes the windmill the next day, he is devastated to see one of its arms has been damaged in the storm. The miller says there is nothing they can do as it will cost too much to repair and it is an old mill anyway. Skarloey feels very upset.

Skarloey carries on his way when he suddenly has to brake hard; a tree has fallen across his line. Skarloey thinks the wood from the tree can be used to mend the windmill. So, that is exactly what happens and Skarloey is very happy once again.




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