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This article is about the fifth season song. You may be looking for the person, the 2010 song, the Story Library book, or the ship.

Sir Topham Hatt is a song from the fifth season dedicated to the Fat Controller. The tune is based on his theme.


His name is Sir Topham Hatt
Some people say he's - Stout!!
Rather rotund, really quite round
But he doesn't see it like that
He considers he's a gentleman of merit,
with a railway exquisitely fine
But his main aim is to see that his trains
run right on time!
Sir Top - Sir Topham Hatt
He's the head of the railway
There is no doubt about that
Controller of the line
It's as plain as plain can be
for everyone to see that it's
The Fat Controller's Railway!
One day he was having breakfast,
when Thomas decided to call
He arrived unexpected
and quite uninvited
Straight through the dining room wall!
"My goodness!" said the Controller,
"why didn't you knock at the door?
This won't do at all, just look at my wall
and my breakfast on the floor!"
He's so proud of his engines
Each and everyone
And though he's strict and meticulous
Favourites he has none
If ever there is trouble,
you know who will be there
"If there's ever a crash, a smash or a muddle,
he's there on the double, no trouble!"
'Cos it's The Fat Controller's Railway!

When Henry stayed in the tunnel,
everyone tried to push.
But Sir Topham Hatt would have none of that,
"My doctor has forbidden me to push!"
And one day the wind blew his hat off!
A goat in the field saw his chance...
He just picked up the hat, said "Thank you for that!"
And ate it up for lunch!
The Fat Controller's Railway!
Sir Top-ham Hatt!




Deleted Scenes

  • Paint Pots and Queens - A deleted scene of Gordon leaving Knapford while pulling the Royal Train.
  • Lady Hatt's Birthday Party - A deleted scene of Sir Topham Hatt in his office.
  • Horrid Lorry - A extended scene of the engines working at Brendam Docks.
  • Oliver's Find - A deleted shot of Sir Topham Hatt inspecting the house.
  • Baa! - A deleted close up of Sir Topham Hatt standing on Duck.
  • A Better View for Gordon - An extended shot of Sir Topham Hatt and Gordon's driver and fireman on the lift going to talk to Gordon.


  • In Japan, this song is called "Song of Sir Topham Hatt".


  • The shot of Percy backing into Knapford in Duck Takes Charge at the start is reversed, as the steam is seen going into his funnel.
  • The song says Thomas crashed into the Fat Controller's house, but it was actually the Ffarquhar stationmaster's house.



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