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Sir Topham Hatt's Car

Sir Topham Hatt uses his car to go to places when the engines are busy or to see what the engines are doing. It once caused trouble when he drove it into a pothole, but he thinks it is very reliable and would not want to get to work in any other vehicle.

Despite its usual blue paintwork, the car has taken on many forms throughout the years. It was blue in the Railway Series, but consisted of two different models in the television series.

Although Sir Topham Hatt still uses his car frequently, he often uses Winston whenever he has to accompany his engines in locations beyond the road where his car can't reach.


It is presented as a typical vehicle of the 1940's. It is either loosely based on a LaGonda V12 in Season 1-3 and a Jowett Javelin or a Rover P4 90 in later seasons.


The car is painted blue all over, which was referred as "Hatt Blue" in Thomas and the Runaway Car.


  • Sir Topham Hatt's car used to be on display in Canada at Nitrogen Studios.
  • In merchandise, the car is frequently yellow.
  • The car's model changed in the fifth season, making it more similar to its Railway Series counterpart.
    • In the same season, the car is seen moving on-screen for the first time in Cranky Bugs. This allowed it to play roles in later episodes, such as Lady Hatt's Birthday Party, while it was previously only used as a background element.
  • Its Wooden Railway, Take-Along, and Take-n-Play toys are convertibles to have Sir Topham Hatt inside the car.
  • In the Thomas and Percy and the Dragon book, Sir Topham Hatt's car is based on a Ford Model T.
  • In the My Thomas Story Library books, Sir Topham Hatt's car is based on a Bentley Continental S2.
  • The ERTL version of Sir Topham Hatt's car is based on a 1936 Ford Coupe.
  • The rear end of the car sort of resembles a Chevrolet Fleetline Sportmaster.



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