“It's raining, it's pouring. La-la-la. Soon the grass will be green and the river will be flowing. La-la-la!"”

Singing in the Rain! is a read and colour magazine story.


Toby is travelling along his line during a hot summer's day. He notices that the grass and plants are brown and dry, and the river under a bridge is nothing but a tiny trickle. His driver comments that they need rain, because of how beneficial it is to the environment.

At the Main Station, the Fat Controller tells the engines that there is a drought on Sodor. He explains what that is, and that the people of Sodor need water to drink. He then gives the engines a special job - collecting big bottles of water from the Harbour and delivering them around the Island.

The engines make their deliveries over three days, and Diesel starts complaining. Toby reminds him about the importance of the job.

That night, the engines are sleeping in their shed when Toby is woken up by a noise. He listens, and realises that it is rain tapping on the roof. The rain continues for the next couple of days, and the engines are happy to go back to regular work. Toby is so happy to see the rain he sings a little tune as he puffs along.



  • The title of the magazine story is based off the 1952 film of the same name.


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