This article is about 'the 1989 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 1997 magazine story'.
“In a mood, are we Boxy?”

Showing Off is a magazine story.


Toby the Tram Engine enjoys his work at the quarry, but sometimes, he can be a bit temperamental. One day, Diesel comes to the quarry to take some trucks to the harbour. Toby greets him cheerily, but Diesel calls Toby "Boxy", which makes Toby feel highly insulted. Diesel then tells Toby to fetch his trucks and when Toby collects them, Diesel continues to tease Toby by asking him "Is that all you can manage?". Toby tells him that is all the trucks Diesel is supposed to have, but Diesel tells him that he will do better next time. Diesel then leaves the Quarry with Toby in a fuming rage, and it takes Henrietta all afternoon to get Toby over it.  A few days later, Diesel returns to the quarry, but this time Toby does not even bother saying hello. Diesel then tells Toby that he hopes that he has more trucks this time, making Toby very cross. Toby shunts out more trucks for Diesel, and as Diesel begins to pull away, he jerks to a halt. Toby sees what the problem is, as some stones had fallen beneath the trucks' wheels, but he does not tell Diesel. Diesel pulls again, but this time, he pulls the trucks right off the track. Diesel had been showing off, but Toby never meant this to happen.