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“Shake! Shake! Make me quake!"
"Make me quake until I shake!”
Dash and Bash going over the bridge in Misty Island Rescue

Shake Shake Bridge is a bridge that runs over The Logging Pond on Misty Island. Its name comes from the fact that, when an engine crosses it, it shakes violently.


  • The bridge's structure resembles the bridge inside Morgan's Mine.
  • The bridge as depicted in the series and specials is a severe deviation by the animation team from Sharon Miller's idea; she conceived the Shake Shake Bridge not as a half-collapsed trestle but as a suspension bridge that felt and sounded to be in worse shape than it actually was. This original design can be seen in the Take-n-Play Rescue From Misty Island set.
  • In real life, this trestle would have been dilapidated enough to be dismantled and replaced with a stronger bridge, making it less shaky and non-dangerous as well.