“A lot of people visit Pompeii to see what life was like a long time ago. For them it's like travelling back in time!”
―Settebello talking about Pompeii to Thomas, Thomas Visits Pompeii

"Settebello" is the name of a famous Italian high-speed express train, whom Thomas once met during his visit to Italy.


When Thomas travelled to Italy, he met a large green engine. He directed Thomas to deliver his passengers at Pompeii. He explained that Pompeii was an ancient city, which was buried under rock and ash when a volcano, Mount Vesuvius, erupted 2000 years ago. Pompeii is now a famous tourist attraction and he says that travelling to Pompeii for some people is like travelling back in time.

Technical Details


Settebello is based on the FS Class ETR 300 and is named after the real high-speed express train of the same name. Three examples were built between 1952 and 1959 and provided a high-speed luxury train service between Milan and Rome. They have since been withdrawn from service and one is now preserved.


Settebello is painted cream with green window surrounds and a green skirting in a similar style to the real Settebello.




  • Settebello is not directly mentioned by name, but is instead referred to as "A Big Green Engine".
  • His front has been flattened and he has lost his lower windows to accommodate his face.
  • Despite being an electric locomotive, he lacks a catenary and no overhead wires are visible to power him. The Japanese Engines have the same problem.


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