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“You won't see all the sights eating ice creams!”

Seeing the Sights is the tenth episode of the tenth season.


Thomas is given the task to take important visitors on a tour of the Island. Gordon is jealous as he believes that Thomas' job should be his job because, as he is a big engine, he can show the visitors all the sights in one day. This makes Thomas cross, and he decides to prove Gordon wrong by taking the visitors to as many sights as possible. However, Thomas only succeeds in causing trouble as he leaves all his passengers behind at the Docks, Black Loch, and the Scottish Castle. Only when Bertie arrives carrying the stranded passengers does Thomas realise that he left all the passengers behind. Quickly, Thomas goes back over his tracks to collect the important visitors and carries on with the tour. However, when Thomas stops at a signal by the seaside, he decides to allow the visitors to spend the rest of the day at the beach. The visitors enjoy the fun at the beach and so does Thomas. Gordon arrives to tease Thomas, but Thomas tells him that it is better for the visitors to see one place properly than lots of places in a hurry.




  • Stock footage from Respect for Gordon is used.
  • This marks the first episode written by Wayne Jackman.


  • Stephen Hatt is first seen left behind at the Docks, then he is seen onboard Bertie, and then he is seen left behind at Castle Loch.
  • When the carriage doors slam at Black Loch, a woman can be seen on board. However, when Thomas leaves the last of the visitors behind at the Scottish Castle, the only ones left are Cyril the Fogman and Stephen Hatt.


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