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The eighth season of Thomas & Friends was the first season produced by HiT Entertainment narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US. It first premiered on VHS or DVD in May 2004 before airing on television in August 2004 in the UK. It was also broadcast in September 2004 in the US.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
ThomasandtheTuba13Thomas and the TubaDave Ingham24 May 2004 (VHS/DVD)
1 August 2004 (TV)
Thomas is so excited to collect the brass band that he leaves the tuba player behind.
Percy'sNewWhistle34Percy's New WhistleJames Mason24 May 2004 (VHS/DVD)
1 August 2004 (TV)
Percy blasts his whistle louder and louder, not realising he is causing trouble for Thomas and Bertie.
ThomastotheRescue60Thomas to the RescueAbi Grant
Paul Larson
24 May 2004 (VHS/DVD)
8 August 2004 (TV)
Diesel gives Thomas a hard time at the quarry, but gets his comeuppance after taking on a batch of bad fuel.
HenryAndTheWishingTree19Henry and the Wishing TreeAbi Grant
Paul Larson
24 May 2004 (VHS/DVD)
8 August 2004 (TV)
Henry wishes that he could pull the express, but he soon learns to be careful what to wish for.
JamesGetsANewCoat8James Gets a New CoatAbi Grant15 August 2004#05
After James gets repainted, he is too busy showing off to help Percy at the coaling plant.
ThomasSavesTheDay75Thomas Saves the DayJames Mason15 August 2004#06
Thomas tries to tackle a dangerous bend without Annie and Clarabel's assistance.
Percy'sBigMistake70Percy's Big MistakeAbi Grant22 August 2004#07
Percy is frightened he will be sent to the scrapyards.
Thomas,EmilyandtheSnowplough55Thomas, Emily and the SnowploughAbi Grant22 August 2004#08
Thomas ignores Emily's advice to put on his snowplough.
Don'tTellThomas79Don't Tell ThomasPaul Larson29 August 2004#09
Thomas feels underappreciated for clearing the lines of snow, not realising the engines are organizing a party for him.
Emily'sNewRoute76Emily's New RouteJames Mason29 August 2004#10
Emily is scared of a monster in Black Loch.
ThomasandtheFireworkDisplay80Thomas and the Firework DisplayAbi Grant
Paul Larson
24 May 2004 (VHS/DVD)
5 September 2004 (TV)
Thomas is upset that James gets the task of delivering fireworks instead of him.
GordonTakesCharge29Gordon Takes ChargePaul Larson5 September 2004#12
Percy is taking passengers for the first time in a long time, so Gordon teaches him how to treat coaches.
SpicAndSpan79Spic and SpanMarc Seal12 September 2004#13
Thomas and Percy try to beat the big engines in a cleanliness competition.
EdwardtheGreat24Edward the GreatAbi Grant12 September 2004#14
Edward races Spencer to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House.
SqueakRattleAndRoll27Squeak, Rattle and RollMarc Seal24 May 2004 (VHS/DVD)
19 September 2004 (TV)
Gordon tries to go slowly so his squeaking and rattling will not be heard.
ThomasAndTheCircus93Thomas and the CircusAbi Grant19 September 2004#16
Thomas is told to take the circus train and to share the load due to its weight. Thomas wants all the glory, so he tries to pull the circus train all by himself.
ThomasGetsItRight60Thomas Gets it RightRobin Rigby26 September 2004#17
Thomas wants to make multiple journeys but is disappointed when he has to deliver eggs for Farmer McColl.
AsGoodasGordon73As Good as GordonAbi Grant26 September 2004#18
Emily gets a chance to pull the express and tries to do as good of a job as Gordon.
Fish(Season8)21FishPaul Larson3 October 2004#19
Thomas is sent to help Arthur on the coastal branch and is told to take only five trucks at a time, but Thomas wants to get the job over and done with.
Emily'sAdventure55Emily's AdventurePaul Larson3 October 2004#20
Emily learns to use her manners whilst collecting timber for repairing Farmer McColl's barn roof.
Halloween4HalloweenDave Ingham10 October 2004#21
Emily accidentally scares herself as well as Thomas, 'Arry, and Bert.
YouCanDoItToby57You Can Do it, Toby!Paul Larson10 October 2004#22
Toby has to look after Wellsworth while Edward is at Brendam, but is nervous about being Gordon's banker.
JamesGoesTooFar53James Goes Too FarJames Mason17 October 2004#23
James refuses to help his friends when given an important job.
ChickensToSchool59Chickens to SchoolPaul Larson17 October 2004#24
Lack of sleep gets the better of Thomas as he mixes up his jobs.
TooHotForThomas48Too Hot for ThomasPaul Larson18 October 2004 (VHS/DVD)
24 October 2004
Thomas gets delayed continuously while delivering ice cream ingredients.
PercyandtheMagicCarpet34Percy and the Magic CarpetAbi Grant18 October 2004 (VHS/DVD)
24 October 2004
Percy is disappointed about delivering a carpet until Salty suggests it could be magic.



Characters Introduced

Half Hour Format

Season 8 was the first season to use a half hour format to air Thomas & Friends, airing in the UK on Nick Jr., PBS Kids in the US and Treehouse in Canada. In the airing, two Season 8 episodes, one Season 7 episode, a few Learning Segments and a song are paired. In the Nick Jr. airings in the UK, Michael Angelis' narrations of Season 7 episodes are paired with Robert Hartshorne's music replacing Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell's music.




  • James Gets a New Coat
  • Learning Segment: Guess the Engine - Percy
  • Song: Emily
  • Best Dressed Engine
  • Learning Segment: Being Blue
  • Thomas Saves the Day












  • This was the first season of several things:
  • This was also the last season of several things as well:
    • Abi Grant's second and last season as script editor.
    • The last season broadcast on CiTV in the UK, who would lose the license to Channel 5 in 2006.
    • The last season narrated by Leo Morimoto in Japan, as well as the last season to feature the original Japanese voice cast.
    • The last season to use stock footage from episodes produced by The Britt Allcroft Company and Gullane Entertainment.
    • The last season to be completely released on VHS in the US.
  • This was also the only season of several things as well:
    • Paul Larson's only season as script editor.
    • The only season Dave Ingham and Robin Rigby were apart of the writing team (not counting Rigby's canceled Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episodes).
    • The only season to use an extended version of the theme for the end credits.
    • The only season to not have any narrow gauge engines since their introduction in Season 4.
  • This season contained the 200th episode of the television series which was As Good as Gordon.
  • When broadcast on CiTV from 2005-2006, the episodes were shown with a different theme arrangement and lacked the Engine Rollcall before the credits.
  • Due to seasons 5-7 never being shown in Finland, the viewers who live there would not have known who Emily, Harvey, Arthur, Spencer, 'Arry and Bert, Salty, Elizabeth, Cranky, Farmer McColl, Murdoch and Allicia Botti are.
  • A deleted scene from Squeak, Rattle and Roll suggests that Thomas would have appeared in the episode. Had he actually appeared, this would have been the first season where Thomas appears in every episode instead of the ninth. Regardless of whether he would have spoken in the episode or not, the thirteenth season would still be the first season where Thomas speaks in every episode.