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The twenty-second season (going under the name Big World! Big Adventures!) of Thomas & Friends starts airing on September 3rd 2018 in the UK and on September 17th 2018 in the US. It is expected to be released on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.


Season 22 will mark the first major "reboot" of the franchise since the show switched to full CGI in the thirteenth season. The episodes will keep their eleven minute-long runtime, but will now be broken into seven minute-long stories, with an additional four minutes reserved for a variety of segments like sing-along karaoke songs, music videos or Thomas talking directly with the audience about lessons learned during a particular episode. Among many other changes, Edward and Henry will be removed from the Steam Team to make room for Nia and Rebecca, and the narrator has been replaced with Thomas talking to the audience (however, Mark Moraghan has said that he will still work on the series).

Season 22 will be set after Big World! Big Adventures!. The season will be split into two halves; one half will see Thomas travelling around the world and visiting China, India and Australia, while the second half will take place back on the Island of Sodor. The season will also be released on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in the fall of 2018.[1]


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
NumberOneEnginepromoNumber One EngineDavey Moore3rd September 2018#1
Thomas gets into trouble when racing with Hong-Mei, another blue, number one tank engine.
ForeverandEverpromoForever and EverAndrew Brenner4th September 2018#2
Gordon has a tantrum about all the changes being made to the railway.
ConfusionWithoutDelaypromoConfusion Without DelayDavey Moore5th September 2018#3
Rebecca, a big new tender engine comes to the Island of Sodor, and works so hard not to be late, that she keeps leaving stations too early!
TrustyTrunkypromoTrusty TrunkyBecky Overton6th September 2018#4
Thomas is very surprised when an elephant comes to his rescue.
WhatRebeccaDoespromoWhat Rebecca DoesDavey Moore7th September 2018#5
Rebecca is worried that unlike the other engines, there is nothing special about her.
ThomasGoestoBollywoodpromoThomas Goes to BollywoodBecky Overton10th September 2018#6
When an action movie is filmed on the Indian railway, Thomas is desperate to be involved.
ThomasintheWildpromoThomas in the WildDavey Moore11th September 2018#7
Thomas is excited about taking a film crew to a nature reserve where they are going to make a film about giant pandas.
ThomasandtheMonkeyPalacepromoThomas and the Monkey PalaceBecky Overton12th September 2018#8
Thomas is pulling a truckload of coconuts when he encounters some cheeky monkeys.
AnEngineofManyColorspromoAn Engine of Many ColoursMichael White13th September 2018#9
After a crash, James is waiting at the Steamworks to be repaired. He hears that there might not be enough red paint to repaint him and gets worried.
OutbackThomaspromoOutback ThomasTim Bain14th September 2018#10
Thomas sees Shane taking passengers on an outback adventure and is really impressed by Shane's showmanship - Shane tells his passengers stories about the outback, while cracking jokes.
SchoolofDuckpromoSchool of DuckLee Pressman17th September 2018#11
When a storm destroys a classroom at Harwick School, Duck tries to find a solution.
TigerTroublepromoTiger TroubleBecky Overton18th September 2018#12
When Thomas learns that tourists come to India to try to see tigers, he wants to see tigers too.
SeeingisBelievingpromoSeeing is BelievingAndrew Brenner19th September 2018#13
Thomas's friend Merlin comes to Sodor from the Mainland for the first time. Merlin is a stealth engine and is very proud of this.
ApologyImpossiblepromoApology ImpossibleBecky Overton20th September 2018#14
Philip learns that sometimes even the smallest engine's actions can make them the bigger engine.
TheWaterWheel(episode)promoThe Water WheelDavey Moore21st September 2018#15
Thomas thinks he's been given very silly cargo until Hong-Mei explains that it's a very important water wheel, made from bamboo.
TheCaseofthePuzzlingPartspromoThe Case of the Puzzling PartsDavey Moore24th September 2018TBA
Sidney is shunting a flatbed of engine parts - but he can't remember what he's supposed to be doing with them. Paxton thinks this sounds like a mystery - the kind that can only be solved by a Special Agent!
RunawayTruckpromoRunaway TruckDavey Moore24th September 2018TBA
Thomas tries to save an accident-prone truck who is racing down the tracks.
KangarooChristmaspromoKangaroo ChristmasTim Bain24th September 2018TBA
ThomasandtheDragonpromoThomas and the DragonDavey MooreTBATBA
Thomas is terrified when he is given the honour of bringing a dragon to the Chinese New Year celebrations.
SamsonandtheFireworkspromoSamson and the FireworksLee PressmanTBATBA
Samson is terrified of fireworks, and when he mistakes the sound of a warning detonator for fireworks, he is so frightened that he races off into the fog and gets lost.
RosieisRedpromoRosie is RedDavey MooreTBATBA
After the engines tease Thomas that Rosie is his "special friend", he acts meanly towards her.
Thomas'AnimalArkpromoThomas' Animal ArkLee PressmanTBATBA
It's Christmas and the boiler at the Animal Park breaks down, so Thomas and his friends need to find a way to keep the animals warm.
HuntTheTruckPromoHunt The TruckTBATBATBA
Bill and Ben's latest game consists of hiding trucks and making other engines hunt for them.
CycloneThomasPromoCyclone ThomasTBATBATBA
Thomas wants to be just like Isla, a Flying Doctor's plane, who transports Dr Claire to remote places where it's hard for patients to get to hospitals or doctors for treatment.
BanjoandtheBushfireBanjo and the BushfireTBATBATBA
Thomas offers a lift to a ranger while working in the Australian Rainforest. Thomas is excited to learn from her about all the animals that live there, but he is too loud and impatient to be very useful.
CountingonNiapromoCounting on NiaTBATBATBA
Nia is a really clever engine and knows about all sorts of things, but when Sir Topham Hatt asks her to take Annie and Clarabel and pick up passengers from Knapford Station, Nia has great trouble finding the right platform.


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