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The nineteenth season of the television series first aired on September 21st, 2015 in the UK, and on October 13th, 2015 in the US.


  1. Who's Geoffrey? - Thomas blames his accident on a made up engine called Geoffrey.
  2. The Truth About Toby - A rumour about Toby circulates.
  3. Lost Property - Thomas helps return a lost pocket watch to a railway inspector.
  4. Henry Spots Trouble - Henry worries about catching chickenpox.
  5. A Cranky Christmas - Thomas and Cranky drop an important Christmas crate.
  6. Snow Place Like Home - Kevin gets stuck in the snow.
  7. The Beast of Sodor - Henry faces off against an abominable snowman.
  8. Toad and the Whale - Toad spots a stranded whale.
  9. Very Important Sheep - Percy's sheep escape.
  10. Salty All At Sea - Salty lets his imagination run away with him.
  11. Den and Dart - Den and Dart fear working apart.
  12. Helping Hiro - Hiro has an accident and Thomas ventures into the woods and gets stuck.
  13. Slow Stephen - Stephen proves he can save the day, despite the faster engines' criticisms.
  14. Two Wheels Good - The Duke and Duchess of Boxford have trouble getting to Callan Castle.
  15. Reds vs. Blues - Thomas and James help with a football match between Sodor and Barrow.
  16. Best Engine Ever - Emily imagines being fast like Caitlin.
  17. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead - Philip is convinced that he beat Gordon in a race, but doesn't realise that Gordon never took apart.
  18. Philip to the Rescue - Philip saves a scornful James from a nasty accident.



Characters Introduced

Half hour format

When Season 19 aired on PBS, each broadcast airs two episodes, a song & a Mr. Perkins Railway Segments. When other episodes started airing on October 18th, 2016, Mr. Perkins' Railway segments were replaced with The Earls Quiz and after the second episode, Learn with Thomas segments from the Official Youtube Channel were also added.

Telling Tales

Finders Keepers

  • Lost Property
  • Song: Really Useful Engine (The Adventure Begins version)
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Segment: Jobs on the Railway
  • Henry Spots Trouble

Lost and Found

  • Toad and the Whale
  • Song: Spring is Here!
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Segment: Washdown
  • Very Important Sheep

All at Sea

  • Salty all At Sea
  • Song: Let's Go
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Segment: TBA
  • Den and Dart

Slowly Wins the Race

Competing Engines

The Race is On

Christmas Time

  • A Cranky Christmas
  • Snow Place Like Home

Spooky Snow

  • Helping Hiro
  • The Beast of Sodor

Tis the Season to be Jolly

  • Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 1
  • Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 2


UK and AUS



  • This season marks the first of several things:
    • The first season to utilize the new intro, credits and Engine Roll Call remix.
    • The first season to have Nigel Pilkington, Rasmus HardikerOliver McCue and Ashna Kapur as a part of the voice cast. Nigel Pilkington takes over the role of Percy from Keith Wickham.
    • The first season to have Glenn Wrage in the UK cast.
    • The first season to have David Bedella as the Mayor of Sodor in the UK.
    • The first season to have episodes solely directed by a woman.
    • The first season to have three directors.
    • The first season since the sixteenth season where Thomas appears in every episode, as well as speaking in all of them since the fifteenth season. This was because of the franchise's 70th anniversary.
    • The first season not to feature the Blue Mountain Quarry since its introduction in Blue Mountain Mystery.
    • Lord Callan's first appearance in full CGI.
    • The first season to have a two-part episode, though not the first to feature a story arc that spans multiple episodes.
    • The first season to have a song featured in an episode, not sung by one of the characters.
    • The first season since the twelfth season to feature a member of The Pack in an episode.
  • This is the fifth season to date, not to feature the Skarloey Railway engines since their introduction.
  • This season has the most references, callbacks and shoutouts to previous episodes from the Classic Series as well as the New Series, such as the old engine themes, quotes and scenes.
  • This season has the most new songs of any season since the tenth.
  • This is the last season with music composed by Robert and Peter Hartshorne since their contracts ended after Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. Chris Renshaw took over composing from Thomas & Friends in 4-D: Bubbling Boilers and The Great Race onwards.


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