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Season 10

Stephen Asquith


Simon Spencer


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Music by

Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch

Preceded by

Season 9

Followed by

Season 11

The tenth season of the television series was first broadcast in 2006. The twenty-eight episodes were narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US.


  1. Follow that Flour - Thomas takes a truck of flour, which James was meant to take.
  2. A Smooth Ride - Sir Handel returns from the quarry, but is afraid he will be sent back when he starts bumping.
  3. Thomas and the Jet Plane - Thomas meets a jet plane named Jeremy.
  4. Percy and the Funfair/Percy and the Carnival - Percy wants to be part of a funfair.
  5. The Green Controller - Lady Hatt appoints Percy to give the engines orders as the Fat Controller has lost his voice, but Percy only causes confusion.
  6. Duncan Drops a Clanger - Duncan transports a church bell, but due to his carelessness, loses it for a bit.
  7. Thomas' Tricky Tree - Thomas cannot find the Christmas tree.
  8. Toby's Afternoon Off - Toby wants to visit the farm after finishing his jobs, but is given more work to do.
  9. It's Good to be Gordon - Gordon takes Henry's coal to make him go faster, leaving Henry to break down.
  10. Seeing the Sights - Thomas races from place to place and leaves passengers behind at each stop.
  11. Fearless Freddie - Freddie realises he is ageing after resorting to cheating in a race with Skarloey and Rheneas.
  12. Toby's New Shed - Toby is upset when the birds roosting in his shed are made homeless when his shed is renovated. Thomas puts things right.
  13. Edward Strikes Out - Edward prejudices a new crane called Rocky, but eats his words after Rocky helps Gordon after an accident.
  14. Topped Off Thomas - While racing Spencer, Thomas blows the Fat Controller's top hat away and is told to find it again.
  15. Which Way Now? - Rusty rushes workmen so he can take the Fat Controller around the Skarloey Railway.
  16. Thomas and the Shooting Star - Thomas gets lost whilst searching for a shooting star.
  17. Big Strong Henry - Henry tries to prove he is the strongest engine on the railway.
  18. Sticky Toffee Thomas/Sticky Taffy Thomas - Thomas wants to wear a costume for the costume party.
  19. Wharf and Peace - Skarloey is startled at the wharf and is too scared to return.
  20. Thomas' Frosty Friend - A snowman-shaped balloon attaches itself to Thomas' bunker.
  21. Emily and the Special Coaches/Emily and the Special Cars - Gordon is getting new coaches for setting a speed record, but Diesel thinks he is special too and out of spite steals them.
  22. Thomas and the Colours/Thomas and the Colors - Thomas tries to convince James to give him the job of pulling the Sodor football team.
  23. Thomas and the Birthday Mail - Thomas is annoyed when a new tank engine, Rosie, harasses and follows him.
  24. Duncan's Bluff - Duncan cheats in a race with James.
  25. Missing Trucks/Missing Cars - Rheneas' good deed of helping Skarloey causes trouble.
  26. Thomas and the Treasure - Thomas goes looking for treasure, following clues told by Salty.
  27. James the Second Best - James is upset when Edward is chosen to appear on a railway poster.
  28. Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out - Thomas takes Skarloey to the Works, but delays to show him the sights, and disaster strikes.



Characters introduced


  • This is the only season, so far, to have twenty-eight episodes, which makes it currently the longest season in the show's history.
  • This is the only season to date not shown in Australia. Instead, it was released directly to DVD.
  • This was Jocelyn Stevenson's last season as executive producer.
  • This was the last season filmed in standard definition and on DigiBeta.
  • Thomas was the main character in almost half of the episodes, thirteen out of twenty-eight to be exact, making this the second most "Thomas-themed" season, right after the thirteenth season.
  • In the first airing of this season on the international channel, JimJam TV, only 26 episodes aired.
  • Most of the recent broadcasts on Nick Jr. have episodes or interactive segments either out of sync or with crossed over audio.
  • According to Abi Grant's website, Bulstrode was originally intended to have a large scale model built for The Wharf set, but due to budget constraints, this never happened.
  • The US dubs of the following episodes have currently only been shown on television and have yet to be released on home video:
    • Thomas and the Jet Plane
    • Duncan Drops a Clanger
    • It's Good to be Gordon
    • Fearless Freddie
    • Toby's New Shed
    • Topped Off Thomas
    • Which Way Now?
    • Thomas and the Shooting Star
    • Sticky Taffy Thomas
    • Wharf and Peace
    • Emily and the Special Cars
    • James the Second Best
    • Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out


Behind The Scenes

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