“I never knew an old sheet and two naughty diesels could be so scary!”

Scrapyard Scare is a magazine story, illustrated using photos from the television series.


Late one afternoon, the Fat Controller tells Thomas and Emily to take a load of old tyres to the scrapyard. Percy is worried about his friends going to the scrapyard and warns them to look out for ghosts. It is getting dark by the time Thomas and Emily leave for the scrapyard, but they are not worried; they think Percy is very silly for believing in ghosts.

When they reach the scrapyard, Thomas and Emily do not feel so brave. Unbeknownst to them, 'Arry and Bert are lurking nearby and decide to have some fun with Thomas and Emily. When Thomas and Emily pass by, 'Arry and Bert make scary noises. Emily is convinced it is a ghost. She races to the shed so she can deliver the tyres and go home again. Emily does not see a big white sheet hanging in the doorway until it falls right on top of her and covers her from funnel to footplate. Thomas puffs into the shed to find his friend, but is surprised to see a big white shape moving towards him. Thomas thinks it is a ghost engine and races away as fast as his pistons can pump. On his way through the scrapyard, Thomas tells 'Arry and Bert about the ghost engine and they soon stop laughing. Thomas, 'Arry and Bert race away as quickly as they can.

The Fat Controller arrives to see what all the fuss is about. Thomas tells him all about the strange noises they heard and Bert has to own up to making them, but tells the Fat Controller that there is definitely a real ghost. Just then, Emily arrives. The sheet has fallen off and Emily explains what had happened.

Thomas and Emily go back to the scrapyard, but this time they are not scared at all. Thomas never knew an old sheet and two naughty diesels could be so scary.




  • 'Arry is said to be Bert's friend, but they are actually brothers.


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