“My n-nose is n-numb and my f-funnel is f-freezing!”

Scary Jack Frost a De Agostini magazine story, illustrated using images from the television series.


It is a cold day on the Island of Sodor, but the engines do not mind as they have fires to keep them warm. It is James and Percy's job to deliver coal to all the stations. Thomas warns Percy to look out for Jack Frost. Percy is worried, but James is not scared.

It is dark by the time Percy has made most of his deliveries. He shivers as he makes his way through the fog to his last stop, trying to convince himself that he is not scared of Jack Frost. Percy finally reaches the last station where the stationmaster says he needs more coal than Percy has brought for him. Percy offers the stationmaster his own coal. So Percy is parked in a siding. Percy is concerned that Jack Frost will find him on the siding, but his driver and fireman just laugh and leave him. An icy wind starts howling and soon it begins to snow. It is not long before poor Percy is covered in icicles.

James has made his last delivery and is heading home when, through the fog, he spots a strange spiky creature. A voice calls to him and James, thinking that Percy is Jack Frost, speeds away as fast as he can.

The next day, the sun is shining and Percy feels much better. Thomas arrives with more coal for him and soon, all of the icicles melt. Percy makes his way back to the sheds whistling happily. He arrives at the sheds to find James boasting about seeing Jack Frost to the other engines. Percy soon makes James look very silly and all the engines laugh when Percy explains what had happened.




  • In the seventh image, James' body is not properly attached to his running board.


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