This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode or the DVD.
"Cod and kippers! If you ask me, Dennis has fallen asleep. He's the laziest diesel on Sodor!"
— Salty

Salty's Surprise! is a magazine story. It was re-released in 2015 as a bedtime story under the name of A Surprise for Salty! with altered text.


One morning, the Fat Controller sends Dennis to take supplies to Lord Callan's Castle. When he didn't return, Salty was sent looking for him. He found Dennis stopped near the castle. Dennis can hear wailing coming from the castle and is too scared to carry on. Salty assures him that it's only Lord Callan playing his bagpipes. Dennis feels silly and finishes his journey. On the way home, he spies a strange shape in the loch followed by splashing! He raced all the way to the yards where Salty was waiting. Dennis explained what he saw as Harvey arrived. It is revealed that the strange figure was his hook; he was helping to pull a sunken ship out of the loch.

That afternoon, Salty was at the docks when he spotted some old-fashioned pirates singing in the mist. Salty was terrified at the sight of pirates from the past! It turns out that the pirates were only the dock manager and his staff on their way to a fancy dress party. Now it was Salty's turn to feel silly, and he admits that it serves him right for laughing at Dennis.



  • Dennis' wheels are golden.
  • Dennis' face is larger than usual.
  • The rim of Salty's cap is white when it should be black.
  • Dennis' footplate is white.


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