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"You'll soon see sails!"
"Pah! Not onshore! Please don't tease me anymore!
— Bill and Ben and Salty

Sail Spotting is a rhyming magazine story.


Salty loves watching the boats in the Yacht Club race, but the next day, Salty is told he cannot work at the docks. Salty, disappointed, sets off towards the countryside carrying men and paint. Bill and Ben assures Salty that he'll still see sails, but Salty thinks the twins are teasing him.

Further down the line, Salty meets up with BoCo who tells Salty to watch out for the sails around the bend. Soon, Salty is startled as he can see the answer to the mystery. Instead of boat sails like he expected, Salty sees windmill sails going round and round in the wind.



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