“So much for being as safe as houses. I'd rather be as safe as the lighthouse!”

Safe as Houses! is a magazine story.


Bulstrode is very fed up of lying on the beach ever since his accident. Being a special attraction helps to pass the time, but when the visitors leave, Bulstrode's only companion is the towering offshore lighthouse. He always feel safe when he can see the warm, piercing light.

One afternoon, Harold whizzes overhead with supplies for the lighthouse. He has to hurry as there is a bad storm coming to the island. Harold drops off the supplies and swiftly heads back. On his return to the beach, Harold hovers over Bulstrode and tells him that he is "safe as houses" on the beach and it's better than being out in the rough seas.

That night, Bulstrode finds he's not as safe as he thought. Huge waves crash onto the beach and Bulstrode is lifted up just like a piece of driftwood. The waves drop Bulstrode up on the railway line and the entire beachfront is in a terrible state of disarray.

The next morning, the storm has passed and all is calm; except Bulstrode who is calling for help. It isn't long before Oliver arrives with a crane and Bulstrode is carefully lowered back onto the beach. Bulstrode is shocked to see all the smashed beach-huts and damaged houses and starts to worry about the lighthouse. Harold whizzes off on patrol and returns to reassure Bulstrode that the lighthouse and it's keeper are both fine. Bulstrode is relieved to learn all is well and wishes, next time, to be "as safe as a lighthouse" instead of a house.




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