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S.S. Roxstar

The S.S. Roxstar is an ocean cruise liner, which made various appearances in the television series at Brendam Docks, this vessel was first seen in the third season, but her name was not revealed until the fourth season episode, Henry and the Elephant.


The S.S. Roxstar is based on early 20th century ocean cruise liners and closely resembles many famous luxury liners, such as the RMS Lusitania, the RMS Titanic, the SS Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Kronprinzessin Cecilie.


The S.S. Roxstar's livery is a black hull, a white superstructure, and black and white funnels with a golden star on both sides although its livery was originally white with a golden stripe and red funnel tips.


  • The S.S. Roxstar was recycled from the Ocean Liner model from TUGS. The configuration used for S.S. Roxstar was that of S.S. Vienna.
  • The vessel's name is a pun on the word "Rockstar".
  • The S.S. Roxstar has gone through changes in the years:
    • Season 3:
      • When the S.S. Roxstar first appeared, it kept the same livery as it had from TUGS. It later gained red smokestacks.
    • Season 4:
      • The ship's livery changed to a black hull, a white superstructure, and black and white funnels with a golden star on both sides.
      • It gained the name "Roxtar", but this spelling was later fixed to S.S. Roxstar.
    • CGI Series:
      • S.S. Roxstar's name is not painted on.
  • Despite it's name gone in the CGI series, Landmarks of Sodor still calls it "S.S" Roxstar.

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