“I'm doing my best!"
"You're a disgrace to diesels!”
―Rusty and Diesel

Rusty's Rescue! is a magazine story.


Henry has collected timber from the forest on his log car. Later, he passes through the Transfer Yards where Diesel pulls up with sleepers and track for the mountain railway. Rusty comes to fetch Diesel's load. Diesel is being rude and remarks that if Rusty was bigger, he would be stronger. Rusty insists that he is doing his best, but Diesel states that he is a disgrace to Diesels. After Diesel leaves, Henry tells Rusty to take no notice of Diesel and it is time he was taught a lesson. Luckily, Henry has an idea.

The next day, Henry arrives at the Transfer Yards with his log car again. Diesel arrives with more materials for Rusty. Henry brakes behind Diesel and jolts his brakes making a log fall off his car and onto the line. Next, Henry steams around the loop line and stops in front of Diesel. Now Diesel is unable to go forwards or backwards. Diesel is cross; unless Henry moves the log he cannot move. Henry suggests that Diesel kindly asks Rusty to move the log. Diesel does so and Rusty pushes the log aside. Diesel has no choice but to admit that Rusty may be small, but he is also strong.



  • The Transfer Yards do not look like their television series counterpart as there is no platform. There is also no loop line in the television series.
  • In the final illistration, Rusty is seen on the same gauge track as Diesel, and the rails are not illustrated beneath the log.
  • The area around Rusty's face changes from black to grey in one illustration.
  • Diesel is said to be carrying more materials for Rusty near the conclusion, but he has no train.
  • Henry is said to stop in front of Diesel to stop him from moving, but in the final illustration, he is on a different track.
  • Diesel is grey when he should be black.