Rupert Degas (born in London on 17th August 1970) is an English actor, voice actor and impersonator who provided voices for the UK and US narrations of Thomas & Friends. He was originally hired to voice Diesel 10 in Misty Island Rescue, but was later replaced by Matt Wilkinson. He was kept on and voiced several characters for the fifteenth and sixteenth seasons. In the fifteenth season, he voiced Den at one point but that role was later given to Keith Wickham. During the sixteenth season, the role of Butch was given to Matt Wilkinson. Rupert eventually left the voice cast after the sixteenth season due to him residing in Australia and his remaining roles were given to Keith Wickham, Ben Small and Steven Kynman. The role of Flynn was then given to Glenn Wrage until later being given to Rob Rackstraw.

He has also lent his voice to other television shows including "Mr. Bean", "Bob the Builder", "Skatoony", "Robotboy", "Badgered", "Chop Socky Chooks" and "Red Dwarf". Other television credits include "EastEnders", "Lovejoy", "Waiting for God", "The Amazing World of Gumball", "A Touch of Frost", "Holby City" and "Kitty Is Not a Cat".




  • Butch (fifteenth season only)


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