"Brake! Don't move a wheel!"
— Edward warning Rosie

Rumble Rescue is a magazine story. It was republished with some small alterations in 2012 under the title, Messy Rescue!


One damp morning, Rosie and Edward were waiting at a signal in the countryside when they heard a rumbling sound. As the engines set off, Edward whistled urgently. A landslide had blocked Rosie's line. Rosie was very grateful; Edward had saved her from a nasty accident. Later, Rosie and Edward returned to the main station. Rosie was low on coal and she rolled towards the hopper. Then there was another loud rumbling. Edward orders Rosie to stop as a load of coal is released from the chute and onto the rails right in front of Rosie! Edward had saved Rosie again!

Then it's Rosie's turn to hear a rumbling sound and quickly calls out to Edward. But Edward doesn't move as there's no danger. Edward explains that the rumbling was only his old boiler playing up.



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