Ross Hastings is a New Zealand born writer. He was an episode writer for Thomas & Friends. He also, along with Paul Larson wrote some of the Learning Segments.

He has also written scripts for other popular children's shows such as "Bob the Builder", "Fireman Sam", "Little Robots", "Dream Street", "Chuggington", "Pingu", "Rubbadubbers", "Shopkins", "Little Charley Bear", "What’s Your News? ", "Casper’s Scare School", "Wow, Wow Wuzby", "Dive Olly Dive", "Angelina Ballerina", "Roach Motel", "Tic Toc", "Scribble It", "PJ Masks", "Construction Site", "The Hoobs", "Mopatops Shop", "Viking Academy" and "Underground Ernie". He also wrote for such shows from New Zealand as "The Almighty Johnsons" and "Agent Anna". He worked for HiT Entertainment from 1998 until 2010. He currently works in development at Nickelodeon and The Walt Disney Company.


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