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This article is about 'the My Thomas Story Library book'. You may be looking for 'the character'.
“High winds don't bother me!"
"Or me! I'll come as your back engine!”
―Thomas and Rosie

Rosie is the forty-seventh book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


Rosie is a tank engine who wants to do everything just like Thomas, which annoys the little blue tank engine. One stormy day, Harold delivers a weather warning. Thomas has to deliver the birthday presents to a little girl named Alice. Rosie follows him and Thomas gets caught in a landslide. Rosie summons help and brings Alice to see Thomas.




  • On the prototype cover, Rosie's stripes on her cylinders are gold instead of red. She is also missing two boiler bands and a hand rail. The missing boiler bands are also missing on the final product.
  • Rosie is missing her blush and lip gloss.