Rocío Garcel (born September 18th, 1948) is a Mexican voice actress who provides voices in the Latin American narration of Thomas & Friends.

She is best known for voicing Bulma in the "Dragon Ball" series, Dil Pickles and Susie Carmichael from "Rugrats", Grandmother Willow from Disney's "Pocahontas", Luna from "Sailor Moon", Demona from "Gargoyles", Grandmother Fa from "Mulan", Skeeter from "Muppet Babies", Katsuyu from "Naruto", the title character of the 1986 "Astroboy" series, Janine Melnitz from "The Real Ghostbusters", and Theda Funnie from "Doug". She is also a frequent dubbing voice of Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts.



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