“Well, now, that just shows, a trip by road is best by far, scrap all engines. Use a car!”

Roads and Railways is a rhyming magazine story.


George is always saying that railways should close and he always sneers when an engine passes by. One day, while working on a road, George has a scare when his heavy roller sinks into the ground. George has stumbled across an old coal mine, not far from the railway line. George is not concerned about the mine, he just worries about how he is going to get out of his predicament.

Fortunately, Thomas brings a crane truck which lifts George out of his hole. George never thought he would see the day an engine saves him. Thomas encourages George to admit that railways are fine and the grumpy steamroller is forced to say sorry.

Later on, however, George spots a lorry which is carrying Thomas because his line had been blocked. George thinks this proves his point; a trip by road is by far the best.



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