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Rickety is a troublesome ballast truck that is used on the Little Western.


When Oliver was pushed into a turntable well by the Troublesome Trucks, Rickety and the other Troublesome Trucks teased him upon his return from the works. They all stopped their teasing towards Oliver when he pulled S.C. Ruffey, their leader, apart.

According to the Railway Series volume, Oliver the Western Engine, ballast trucks were considered to be the worst of all for a long time. This was until Donald and Douglas managed to transform goods traffic on both the Main Line and the Little Western.


Rickety is a troublesome truck on Sodor who likes to give the engines a hard time, he is particularly troublesome and often makes mischief for the engines.


Rickety is based on a 7 plank end-door open ballast wagon.


Rickety is painted turquoise with black lining. He also has a turquoise face.

His Wooden Railway model depicts him with a standard grey face and white lining. He was also released in various different colours such as orange with white lining, dark green with "Mr. Jolly's Chocolate" painted on his side in yellow, and the standard grey troublesome truck paintwork.



  • Rickety was named by Learning Curve for merchandising purposes.


  • Wooden Railway (all except Gold Mine version discontinued)
    • Orange
    • Gold Mine
    • Mr Jolly's Chocolate
  • Bachmann (cancelled)

* RWS only | ** T&F only | --- Dropped

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