“Rick's tricks are really useful!”
―Sir Topham Hatt

Rick's Tricks is a magazine story.


Every morning, before he leaves for work, Thomas' guard likes to read the newspaper. As the paperboy cycles up to the front gate, Rick, the guard's big, friendly dog, sees him and barks loudly to alert his master. The paperboy then throws the paper to the dog, who catches it in his mouth and runs back indoors to give it to the guard.

One day, the Fat Controller is in his office finishing a new timetable. As he steps outside, a gust of wind blows it away. The piece of paper flies towards the car park. Thomas' guard and Rick are on their way to the common to play when the guard tells Rick to fetch the timetable. Rick runs after the timetable. He travels down some steps and over a wall. The timetable floats into the yard and Rick follows it. The timetable lands on Thomas' bufferbeam and Rick retrieves it. The Fat Controller praises Rick for his really useful tricks.