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Rheneas Viaduct is a bridge on the Skarloey Railway.


The Railway Series

Rheneas Viaduct was built in 1865 and, along with the nearby tunnel, was the major engineering feature of the line. The viaduct spans a large, spectacular gorge. A stepped path descends into the gorge and goes under the viaduct.

In 1961, Duncan stalled on the viaduct with a passenger train out of jealousy for not being polished. Skarloey had to come to Duncan’s rescue..

Thomas & Friends

When Boulder got loose from Boulder Quarry, he rolled across the Viaduct after Rheneas.


  • Rheneas Viaduct is based on Dolgoch Viaduct on the Talyllyn Railway.
  • In the television series, the viaduct was used to represent part of the Mid Sodor Railway.

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