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This article is about the station. You may be looking for the narrow gauge engine or the Story Library book.

Rheneas, meaning "Divided Waterfall" in Sudric, is a station and waterfall on the Skarloey Railway. In the Railway Series, the station is just on a single curved line, sharing the same set up as Dolgoch Station on the Talyllyn Railway. In the TV Series, the station has a passing loop with two platforms and an ungated level crossing. There is also a two-berth engine shed here. A watermill is close by.

Rheneas Viaduct, a bridge and a tunnel are located nearby. 

In the Railway Series, the passengers were furious at Duncan's delay in "Gallant Old Engine", and in "Great Little Engines" when Sir Handel became impatient waiting for the guard and left him on the platform. Luckily, a passenger pressed Beatrice's emergency buzzer and Sir Handel realised his mistake. He then collected the guard and raced home.

In the television series, it first appeared in the fourth season and in other model seasons as stock footage. It was also used to represent one of the stations on the Mid Sodor Railway.


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