“PEEP! I'm Santa's reindeer engine!”
―Peter Sam

Reindeer Rescue is a magazine story.


One winter's night, Sir Handel tells Peter Sam about Santa's beautiful reindeer and how they will soon be there as snow falls silently onto the little engines' shed. When Peter Sam finally falls asleep, he dreams of Santa's sleigh with the reindeer and jingling bells.

Next day, Peter Sam sees some workmen building a sleigh on an old truck. The Fat Controller arrives to see how they are getting on. He tells Peter Sam that he needs an engine to deliver some presents. All the little engines want that job and Peter Sam convinces himself that he will not be picked for it as he sets off to collect some trucks.

As Peter Sam steams steadily past the white hills and frozen lakes of Sodor, he sees an animal he has never seen before. The driver explains that it is a reindeer. Peter Sam gasps; the reindeer must belong to Santa.

At the next station, two rangers from the Sodor Country Park explain that a reindeer has escaped. Peter Sam tells them that he knows where the reindeer is. After being coupled to his trucks, Peter Sam carries the rangers back along the line until they reach the reindeer. The reindeer is soon caught and Peter Sam is delighted to have such a special passenger.

When the sleigh truck is finally ready, everyone agrees that Peter Sam should be the one to pull it for being so useful. The Fat Controller is dressed up as Santa, but Peter Sam is concerned; he looks nothing like a reindeer. The Fat Controller has an idea and soon they set off with the sleigh truck full of presents. Peter Sam looks just the part, complete with jingling bells and huge model antlers.



  • Peter Sam has his old funnel.


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