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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the DVD, the Railway Series book, or the colouring book.

Really Useful Engine is a song from the fourth season dedicated to Thomas. An orchestral and shortened version of the song, with the original children's voices and added backup vocals by Steven Page, was used in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. A third version was made, with vocals by Robert Hartshorne and the Kidmore Children's Choir and slightly modified lyrics for The Adventure Begins.


He's a really useful engine, you know
All the other engines they'll tell you so
He huffs and puffs and whistles
Rushing to and fro
He's the really useful engine we adore!


He's the one, he's the one
He's the really useful engine that we adore
He's the one, he's the number one
Thomas the Tank Engine
He's a really useful engine, you know
'Cause the Fat Controller, he told him so
Now he's got a branch line
To call his very own
He's the really useful engine we adore


Little blue train, he's always there
Whenever you need a hand
If you need help with a situation
Who comes into mind


He's a really useful engine, you know
Maybe little, but he's never slow
Stand back in amazement
Just you watch him go
He's the really useful engine we adore


He's the really useful engine we adore!

*The italicized lines were omitted in the Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode, Missing Whistles.



Classic Series

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

CGI Series


Classic Series

CGI Series

Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Thomas and the Breakdown Train:
  1. A deleted shot of Thomas leaving the yard after seeing the Breakdown Train.
  2. A deleted shot sees Thomas pushing the breakdown train into place.
  • Trust Thomas:
  1. An extended scene of Thomas puffing on Toby's Old Tramway with Annie and Clarabel.
  2. A scene of Thomas pushing his stone trucks at the quarry.
  • Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure - A scene of Thomas with Annie and Clarabel arriving at a church.
  • Thomas and Stepney - A shot of Thomas blowing his whistle.


  • A version without subtitles is seen on Your Favourite Story Collection.
  • This is the fourth song to be rereleased with different lyrics and footage. The first was Engine Roll Call, the second was Go, Go Thomas and the third was Working Together.
  • The Adventure Begins version of this song is the first song since Where, oh Where is Thomas? to be sung by children.
  • When the song is first heard in The Adventure Begins, the line "he's the number one" is changed to "he's the one you know" and the second and third verses are not heard. When the song is heard at the end of the movie, however, the line is "he's the number one," as it was in the song's two previous versions, and the last two verses are omitted. In the music video on the bonus features, the first three verses are heard, but the fourth verse is once again omitted.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 便利 Useful



Thomas and the Magic Railroad


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