“Hello slowcoach! You used to go much faster than that!"
"I still do. But, on my afternoon off it's been fun taking it slowly for a change!”
―BoCo teasing Freddie

Ready Steady Freddie is a magazine story.


Freddie is a very old engine, but that does not stop him being really useful. One day, he is so useful that the Thin Controller gives him the afternoon off. Freddie decides to go and see his friends on the big railway at the Wharf. When he arrives at a canal close to the Wharf, he sees a horse pulling a canal boat. The skipper tells Freddie that the boat's motor has failed so Biscuit, the horse, has to pull it to the Wharf for the special load of timber to be delivered. Unfortunately, the towpath does not run all the way to the Wharf and the skipper is very upset, but Freddie has an idea. The horse is untethered and put into a field to graze and Freddie is tied to the boat. His track runs by the canal all the way to the Wharf and they are soon there.



  • BoCo and Freddie look like they are the same gauge.


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