“Duck! Duck! Caboose!”
―The Engines teasing Duck

Railway Rhymes is a book.


A fun collection of more than thirty original poems featuring 35 different friends from the Island of Sodor. Travel all over the island, at all times of year in this wonderful first book of poems with the Thomas touch.



  • In some illustrations an American railroad crossing is seen.
  • It is said that Stepney is a narrow gauge engine but he is not.
  • Skarloey doesn't have a driver.
  • In the Ballad of Henry (based around The Sad Story of Henry and Edward, Gordon and Henry), Henry has his new shape.
  • Annie and Clarabel have grey undercarriages and white wheels.
  • On the back cover, James' smokebox saddle is not coloured black.
  • Emily has black buffers and red running-boards.
  • It is said that Thomas was the engine who helped saved Trevor from scrap.
  • Bertie is on the platform in the final illustration.
  • Terence has eyebrows.
  • Percy's step ladder is on the side of his running board when it should be underneath it.
  • The term "caboose" is used, but that is an American term.


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