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Railway Friends is a US, Canadian, Brazilian and Latin American DVD release featuring six twelfth season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon. It is distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment and HiT Entertainment and was released on 10 February 2009. It released under the title, "On the Road to Adventure" for Spanish audiences.


Hop on Board for Fun, Friendship, and Adventure

It's full steam ahead for adventure and fun in this Thomas & Friends™ collection featuring all-new CGI animation! Join Thomas, Percy, Gordon and the entire gang as they race down the tracks of Sodor to fix bridges, plan parties and learn the rewards of friendship. So grab on to your whistles and bring your best friends along for unforgettable journeys with Thomas!


  1. Best Friends
  2. The Party Surprise
  3. Gordon Takes a Shortcut
  4. Thomas Puts the Brakes On
  5. Saved You!
  6. Excellent Emily


Special Features

  • "Laying Down the Track" puzzle
  • "Name That Train" game
  • Bonus episode of "Roary the Racing Car" 


  • James Works it Out was possibly an episode originally planned for the DVD due to their being a TrackMaster set with the same name which stated that it was seen on the DVD.
  • On the 2014 re-release, the bonus episode of "Roary the Racing Car" is removed.
  • In "Laying Down the Track" Puzzle Game, Thomas' whistle had a higher pitch. 
  • The music during the intro, Engine Roll Call, and end credits play at a low pitch.



  • Colin in The Party Surprise Set
  • Thomas' Busy Day Playset
  • James Works It Out Set
  • Percy's Busy Day at the Farm Set

Wooden Railway

  • Colin

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