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This article is about 'the PC game'. You may be looking for 'the book or the DVD'.

Railway Adventures is a PC game developed by Minds Eye Productions and published by Smoby Players in Europe and Infogrames in North America. The game was released in 2001. It came with a control console that could be placed over keyboard, though the keyboard can also be used.


This game gives players the chance to drive Thomas and help with important jobs around the Island of Sodor. The game starts when the player learns to drive Thomas. The player then helps out with four adventures on Sodor and earns certificates. There are also four mini games that can be played while exploring the Island.



  • All Aboard (also known as Thomas Helps Bertie) - Help Thomas take Bertie's passengers around the Island.
  • It's a Landslide - Help to place the foundations of the Viaduct. Then help Cranky load tracks and then place them on the bridge so Percy can cross.
  • The Missing Mail Truck - Help track down the mailbag that Diesel has taken. Then help James, Edward, and Percy to load the mail for the correct destination.
  • Important Supplies (also known as Shunting at the Airport) - Percy, Harold, Bertie, Tom Tipper, the Horrid Lorry, and Caroline need special deliveries; help Thomas pick up the right ones and deliver them. Pickups include coal trucks, fuel tankers, mail vans, and a mechanic.

Mini Games

  • Great Race - Race Thomas and beat Bertie to the station.
  • Mail Bag Snag - Collect all the mailbags that Diesel is throwing out.
  • Troublesome Trucks Roundup - Round up the naughty trucks.
  • Toby's Maze - Go round a maze and help Toby find his way back to the station.


  • The UK release features the voices of Michael Angelis, Simon Hepworth, Stephen Donald and two unknown women for various characters voices while Robin Smith voices all of the characters in the US version.
  • Scenes from Thomas and Bertie, Tenders and Turntables, Cranky Bugs, and Put Upon Percy are used.
  • Original music from Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell is featured in the game.
  • For people who don't have the driving console the game's controls can be used on the bottom right side of the screen using the mouse. The keyboard itself is also useable; in this case, the up and down keys correspond to the throttle, the left and right keys correspond to the action lever, the 1 key corresponds to the whistle, and the 7 key corresponds to Thomas' face.
  • It's possible that the game was going to be released by Hasbro Interactive's name prior to Infogrames purchase, as they are known for creating PC games using the keyboard playset.


  • Sometimes, either the engines' wheels don't move or their side rods are missing.
  • Tidmouth Sheds, as in the previous PC games, has doors at the back.
  • Edward looks grumpy when he, James, and Percy are at the mail depot.
  • Percy is seen shunting the mail car when Thomas finds it, but is later seen waiting at the mail depot for Thomas.
  • James' voice clip for the end of "The Rockfall at the Quarry" plays at the end of Percy and Edward's end scene for "The Missing Mail Car."
  • Elsbridge is inaccurately called the Airfield Station. The airfield is actually located at Dryaw.
  • In almost every scene, Thomas is missing his eyebrows.
  • The Mail Van and Caroline's roofs are red instead of black and white, respectively. 
  • In the Landslide game, Percy's voice sometimes echos and sometimes does not.
  • When Thomas picks up Annie & Clarabel, they are facing the wrong direction, but they are facing the correct direction when they arrive at Culdee Fell.
  • Trevor has Thomas' face
  • Culdee Fell is depicted as a station on the North Western Railway, as well as being at the base of the mountain in place of Kirk Machan.