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Rail Under Road Bridge and Signalbox

The Rail Under Road Bridge and Signalbox is a location on Thomas' Branch Line between the Windmill and Dryaw.

It has appeared in the Railway Series book Gordon the Big Engine, the first season, stock footage in the second season, a deleted scene from the third season, the New Series opening credits and the CGI Series.



  • The Rail Under Road Bridge and Signalbox appeared in the opening credits from the first season to the eighteenth season.
  • The set has had some modifications through the years:
    • In the thirteenth season, the bridge became a lot smaller, so small that there was only one road lane and trains only just fit under it. A second building on the opposite side to the signalbox appears and disappears between episodes.
    • In the seventeenth season, fencing was added on the road sides near the bridge but it would appear and disappear between episodes.
    • In the twentieth season, the bridge became slightly bigger and a lot wider, now allowing two vehicles to pass over it on two lanes.


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