Rail Blazers! is a paint book based on Day of the Diesels.


There is a fire on Sodor and Thomas and Percy race to help. Belle comes to the rescue and Sir Topham Hatt is very proud of her, but says he needs a real fire engine. Thomas shows Belle around, but without Thomas, Percy feels lonely. Diesel invites Percy to the Dieselworks. But Percy is worried because Thomas always said that Percy must not trust the Diesels.

The Dieselworks is dirty, dark, and broken-down. Den and Dart are sad because they do not have a crane to help with the repairs. Diesel 10 wants Percy to tell Sir Topham Hatt that the Dieselworks must be repaired. Later, Flynn arrives and only Kevin has time to hear Percy's story about the Diesels. That night, Percy is shocked because Flynn is sleeping in his berth at Tidmouth Sheds. Percy takes Kevin with him to the Dieselworks and the Diesels are happy to finally have a crane. The Diesels cannot wait for their Dieselworks to be repaired so they make a devious plan. They trick Percy to help take over the Steamworks. Percy realises he has made a terrible mistake.

Later, there is a fire at the Dieselworks and Flynn races to the rescue. Sir Topham Hatt is very cross with Diesel 10. Soon the Steamies and the Diesels work together to repair the Dieselworks and it is ready to open. Thomas and Percy agree that they will always be best friends.



  • All of the engines are missing their couplings and lamp irons.
  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • In the fifth illustration, Percy is missing his cab windows.