“Out of our way, slowcoach!"
"Beep! We haven't got all day, we're in a hurry!”
―Lorry 1 and 2

Queen of the Road! is a magazine story.


Elizabeth is clattering steadily down the road when Lorry 1 and 2 rudely overtake her. Further up the road, the lorries have to stop for fuel. Elizabeth informs the rude lorries that she does not need messy Diesel or petrol to move along - she relies on steam. The lorries are rude to her once more and roar away.

Soon, Elizabeth is being overtaken by all the cars. Before she was shut in a shed for many years, the roads were never as busy as they are now. Meanwhile, Thomas is at the Big Harbour waiting for a tanker full of petrol and Diesel from a refinery. Then Harold zooms overhead - there is an emergency at sea; the tanker has broken down and is now drifting helplessly on the currents. Soon, a tug pulls the tanker back to the Mainland to be repaired.

Sometime later, Sodor has run out of petrol and Elizabeth is happy as she is now the only one on the road.




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