Quarry Adventures on Sodor is a US DVD sampler featuring one fifth season episode narrated by Alec Baldwin and one first season episode narrated by George Carlin.


Join in on all of the adventures with everyone's favorite #1 friend, Thomas the Tank Engine.

In this special DVD sampler, you'll find out why working in the Center Island Quarry is never boring. Watch what happens when a loose boulder spells near disaster for Rusty and Percy. Hold on to your seats as you experience other Thomas adventures. Best of all, watch these stories and recreate them with your new Take-Along Center Island Quarry Playset.


  1. Rusty and the Boulder
  2. Thomas Breaks the Rules


  • This release was included in the Take-Along Centre Island Quarry set, as well as with the Wooden Railway Stories on Sodor set along with the book Catch Me, Catch Me!
  • There are no opening or closing credits on this DVD. Instead, it cuts right to the start of the first episode after the previews, and ends with a set of nameboards after the second episode. This is because they are taken from Spills and Chills and Thomas and His Friends Help Out respectively.


  • The back cover only lists Alec Baldwin as the storyteller, but George Carlin also narrates an episode.