“Make way for the Sodor Mail sled!”
―Tom Tipper

Pulling the Post is a magazine story.


One freezing cold morning, Thomas sets about his journey with his snowplough. Shortly, he meets Terence who has been fitted with a snowplough, too; he is busy clearing the main road into Wellsworth. At the station, he sees children playing on sleds, a man pulling his shopping on a sled, and some people using skis. Thomas' trucks are full of sleds, too. He has to deliver them to people along his line. As he waits at a signal, Thomas sees Tom Tipper, the postman, skidding by on the icy roads into a snowdrift.

That night, Thomas cannot sleep; more snow is falling and all he can think about is how hard it would be for Tom Tipper to do his rounds. Next morning, Thomas has an idea. He asks the Fat Controller to arrange for the post van to go to the works. The engineers make special skis for the mail van's wheels and Terence comes to pull it along, much to Mr. Tipper's delight!



  • One of the boys sliding down the hill on a sled appears to be missing one of his feet.