This article is about 'the Jack and the Pack episode'. You may be looking for 'the second season episode, the Buzz Book, the DVD release, the song or the magazine story'.

Pop Goes the Diesel is a cancelled episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company.


Max and Monty tell Isobella that Miss Jenny will soon get rid of the steam-powered vehicles in favour of diesel-powered ones. Isobella tries to ignore Max and Monty but fears there may be some truth in what they are saying. One evening, the fuel man visits the yard with some fresh new fuel.

The fuel makes all of the diesel-powered vehicles backfire which they find fun at first until they break down. Someone needs to fetch more fuel and Isobella agrees to go but not before getting Max and Monty to admit that steam-powered vehicles are the best.

That night, she admits to Max and Monty that steam and diesel vehicles are equals and under their paintworks, they are all trucks after all.



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