This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the UK/US DVD, the book, the German DVD or the Chinese DVD'.

Pop Goes Thomas is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


The children are having a picnic in the park and Thomas is given the job of delivering the lemonade. Soon, Thomas is clattering along the line when he hears an amusing popping sound. What Thomas does not know is that it is the corks flying out of the lemonade bottles. One flies off and knocks Mr. Bubbles' nose off. Soon, Thomas arrives at the bakery. Corks are sent flying once again and they hit the bakers, who drop all the cakes for the children. At the picnic, the Fat Controller is furious, but Thomas is oblivious to the trouble he caused. When he is made aware of his mistakes, he hurries back to collect more lemonade, cakes, and Mr. Bubbles. When he pulls up at the picnic, all the children clap and cheer.