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This article is about the Chinese DVD. You may be looking for the episode, the UK/US DVD, the magazine story or the book.

Pop Goes Thomas is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the fourteenth season.


Thomas has to take crates of lemonade to the children's picnic. He goes over bumpy track. A cork pops. Thomas doesn't know what the sound is, only that he likes it. To make it happen again, he goes over more and more bumpy track. All the corks pop, wreaking havoc - Mr. Bubbles the Clown is delayed, the picnic cakes are spoiled, and James has a bump. When Thomas realises what he has done, he goes back for more lemonade, stopping on the way to pick up more cakes and Mr. Bubbles. He arrives back at the picnic just in time to the cheers of the children.


  1. Diesel's Special Delivery
  2. Pop Goes Thomas
  3. Victor Says Yes
  4. Thomas in Charge
  5. Being Percy


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