“I carry VIPs - Very Important People. It's a shame a smoky little steampot, like you, only has silly jobs to do."
"Buzz off, you cheeky chopper!”
―Harold and Percy

Pony Pick-Up! is a magazine story.


It is the day of the Sodor Pony Show and young riders and their ponies are arriving from all over the Sodor countryside. Percy is busy delivering a big tent and other equipment for the show. As he sets off to collect some straw bales, Percy sees Harold hovering overhead. Harold boasts that he is going to collect the Mayor and his wife to open the show. A short while later, Percy is puffing back to the show with his straw bales when he sees a car towing a small horsebox. The driver of the car waves at Percy to stop him. Their car had broken down on the way to the pony show. Percy's crew agree to help and they load the pony into a straw-lined truck. Soon, Percy arrives at the show at the same moment Harold lands with the Mayor and his wife. As the guard goes to let the pony out of the truck; he finds the truck's door is jammed shut - the pony is trapped! Percy has an idea and he asks Harold for his help. Harold gets the pony firmly in his sling and lifts it out of the truck. Everyone thanks Percy and Harold who agree that they have both carried a VIP today - "A Very Important Pony"!




  • The rails don't have spikes.


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