“All I need now is a siren and a blue light!”

Police Engine is a magazine story.


Thomas is on his way to collect goods from a factory. Suddenly, he sees a noisy police car zoom by. When he arrives at the factory, he is surprised to see the police car at the factory gates. It is revealed that thieves broke in and stole the contents of the safe last night. The factory manager goes on to tell Thomas' driver what the getaway van looked like and Thomas promises to keep an eye out for it. Soon, his trucks are full and Thomas sets off. Further up the line, a broken rail means he has to take a little-used loopline that runs through the peaceful countryside. The peace is soon interrupted when Thomas spots the police car, sirens blazing, chasing a van; it is the factory burglars. An oily patch on the road slows the police down. The thieves soon approach a level crossing. Thomas realises that if he doesn't take action, the van will escape. Thomas speeds up and reaches the crossing before the thieves, who have to brake hard! The police apprehend the two thieves and few days late Thomas is presented with a reward - his very own medal.



  • Thomas is said to be presented with a medal, but the image shows him being presented with a plaque making him an "Honorary Police Engine".
  • The oil looks like a puddle of water.